Accountability Starts Here

January Goals:

  • Set up social media accounts and a blog (check!)

February Goals:

  • Write at least one social media post a day (facebook/twitter/instagram)
  • Share my blog at least once a day
  • Finish the third part of my manuscript
  • Finish all beta reading projects

March Goals:

  • Finish the final part of my manuscript
  • Have at least 50 followers
  • Learn the self-publishing process

April Goals:

  • Begin the final draft of my project “Waves”
  • Have a publisher in place for “Waves”
  • Learn more about self-marketing

May Goals:

  • Complete the final draft of “Waves”
  • Format “Waves” for reading
  • Prepare for “Waves” release
  • Update cover art for “Waves”
  • Begin looking for agents!
  • Have 100 followers

June Goals:

  • Return to “Warrencliff” (proofread & edit)
  • Write a Query letter
  • Publish “Waves”
  • Publish at least a dozen blog posts

July – December: TBA

St. Francis de Sales

  • Writing: The rewrite of the first book in my Warrencliff series
  • Reading: Beta reading for a friend
  • Playing: “Are They Saying Goodbye?” – Ane Brun

Wow, so first things first! This is my second post on my blog and I am going to share the best news I have had in awhile. My next post is going to be about some goals I have set for myself and my career as a writer in this upcoming year but that will be then and this is now, so back on topic!

Despite being a born into the church, I’ve never heard of Saint Francis de Sales (normal St. Francis of Assisi comes to mind) but his Saint Franics is the patron saint of writers (among other things) and his feast today is today. Why is that relevant?

Because today for the very first time a totally unbiased source told me that I have an honest shot at succeeding in the writing industry. To hear another person–and someone who works with literary agents no less–not only want to know more about my work but also say I have a great idea, well, I was so flattered. He loved my description and my idea and even said my blurb was amazing. Such praise from a professional was nothing short of amazing.

I don’t mean to humble brag but this is going to be the year! Warrencliff is almost ready for polishing and I am hoping maybe one more round of beta reading and editing will do the trick. I cannot wait to hold a copy of my book in my hands and I honestly cannot wait for others to fall in love with my characters!

Is it bad that I secretly hope to get just popular enough to receive fanart and fanmail? Maybe even spot a fanfic or two? If anyone reading this has stumbled upon this blog years later and you have and loved my book, send all that love my way! Artists love nothing more than to see how much their work means to another person.

Warrencliff has been such an emotional journey for me. I have put all of my blood, sweat, and tears into this for the last year and a half. There were days I didn’t even want to leave my bed but I got up to write. To see another person love something so special to me will mean more to me than words can express.

In preparation for making this post, I did a quick search on St. Francis de Sales. He said what I needed to hear most at this point in my journey and what every writer needs to be reminded of sometimes: