Accountability Starts Here

January Goals:

  • Set up social media accounts and a blog (check!)

February Goals:

  • Write at least one social media post a day (facebook/twitter/instagram)
  • Share my blog at least once a day
  • Finish the third part of my manuscript
  • Finish all beta reading projects

March Goals:

  • Finish the final part of my manuscript
  • Have at least 50 followers
  • Learn the self-publishing process

April Goals:

  • Begin the final draft of my project “Waves”
  • Have a publisher in place for “Waves”
  • Learn more about self-marketing

May Goals:

  • Complete the final draft of “Waves”
  • Format “Waves” for reading
  • Prepare for “Waves” release
  • Update cover art for “Waves”
  • Begin looking for agents!
  • Have 100 followers

June Goals:

  • Return to “Warrencliff” (proofread & edit)
  • Write a Query letter
  • Publish “Waves”
  • Publish at least a dozen blog posts

July – December: TBA

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